Singing – Namaste Works Vocal and Acting Studio

Your Introductory Lesson

Natalie and Jeffrey will meet with you, and your parents if under 16, for an opportunity to get acquainted. To become more familiar with Jeffrey and Natalie's qualifications, they will briefly share some of their background in the performing arts. Your goals, interests and intentions regarding your vocal craft will be discussed. They will go over the design for your weekly hour- long lesson and outline expectations for your weekly home practice.

Categories and offerings Namaste Works provides the vocal student include:

Vocal Instruction

Bel canto (Italian) style vocal instruction: This is a classical technique and foundation that ensures healthy longevity to the vocal instrument, as well as a means to achieve proficiency in your preferred vocal style. This technique is NOT exclusively for classical singers. It is the basis for a powerful, healthy; well rounded voice whether your chosen vocal style is Pop, Jazz, Broadway, Country or Classical.

Vocal Coaching For The Stage

Once the basics are established, the material is put into practical use. This aspect of the studio is designed to help those serious about pursuing a career in entertainment to apply what they've learned to a professional setting. Skills offered include, Audition Techniques, Performance Skills, Microphone techniques, Monologues, and Movement as well as others.

Audition Techniques

Whether preparing a monologue, reading cold from a script, singing 16 bars of a ballad or up-tempo song, the techniques with you approach auditioning are specific and critical to success. You will learn how to make strong selections in material, how to leave an impression of professionalism and appear confident and prepared.

Vocal Coaching For The Recording Studio

You're ready to record. Now What? Namaste Works will teach you recording studio techniques and how to create the most beneficial sound from your electronically enhanced voice. You will feel confident that you will leave the studio having recorded the very best of your unique sound and gift.

Music Theory Instruction

Namaste Works offers comprehensible instruction in the rudiments of music theory to support performance skills with a general knowledge of what makes music tick from the inside out. Students will learn Rhythmic/Harmonic Dictation, Sight-reading, and Interval Clarity, along with other fundamentals of Music Theory.