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Professional performers, and skilled coaches in acting and voice, Jeffrey Atherton and Natalie Oliver- Atherton, are uniquely qualified to teach vocal and acting students the skills they need to reach for their dreams. Currently based in Denver, CO, Jeffrey and Natalie’s combined years in the business, and impressive background (see our bios) attest to their remarkable ability to translate their vast experience in voice, performance and acting, into your handbook for success.

NAMASTE (nah-mahs-TAY) is a Hindi spiritual greeting, meaning to love, honor and acknowledge the divine light in everyone. A strong belief that Namaste works, inspired this performance training company name and shapes Jeffrey and Natalie’s philosophy that the world can be a place of peace, love & community. It is the combination of this philosophy, along with their love for, and experience in, the performing arts that engendered this multi-faceted studio where students of all ages can feel safe to engage in private acting and voice lessons.

Whether preparing for a big audition, heading to the studio to record, or simply desiring to improve your vocal and/or acting skills, Namaste Works will lovingly inspire, motivate and coach you toward your specific goals. Jeffrey and Natalie invite you to “step up the pace and commitment with which you pursue your dream.” Namaste!

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Natalie & Jeffrey perform SLOW BOAT TO CHINA